Idea Generation

I think the best way to generate ideas is to stimulate your mind with other ideas.  Be around creative people, read creative things, look at creative things, etc.  Whenever I find that I'm having a dry time creatively, I'll just start poking around the internet and eventually the ideas come flowing.  Simply because you prime the pump of creativity.  
I guess a lot of life is like that actually.  JM



I'm glad I don't have to dress up like priests.  (this isn't a slam on Catholicism).  I'm glad I get to wear like a normal outfit.  Like in the catholic church, the more important you are, the fancier your outfit gets.  It's the same thing in Baptist churches, it's just not a uniform.  I'm sure if I was senior pastor at my church, there would be a lot of pressure on me to dress nicer.
Christians like to look different than the world.  We like to make our differences obvious.  The problem is that even though our externals are different, we're exactly the same underneath.  Broken.  Sinners.  People who need God.  
The only thing that makes me different from the rest of the world is the forgiveness that Jesus GAVE me.  And no matter how good I look on the outside, it's Jesus that is the difference and nothing else.  JM



It's amazing to me how if I organize and discipline one area of my life, then the rest start to fall in line almost automatically.  I've been exercising for like 10 days now, and because of it I feel like I'm being much more disciplined in a lot of aspects of my life.  I eat better, I live better, I can focus better, I sleep better, etc.  JM

Be Realistic

I think that God is a realist.  He had the ideals in place for humanity - selflessness, holiness, patience - but we screwed it up.  He knew that, though, and was always thinking ahead of a way out for us.  Even after we screw up, he wants to protect us and help us.
The other day I was pulling up to a stoplight and passed a turtle who was crossing the road.  I wanted to get out and help the turtle across, but there was somebody behind me.  At the light, though, the guy behind me got out and carried the turtle across to safety in the grass.
I think God kind of looks at us the same way, he wants to see us make it.  To make good decisions and live a holy life, but he knows we're going to screw up.  So he provides a way out.  Salvation.  Redemption.  Love.  JM


Disney World

We have some airline vouchers with american airlines that we have to use by 07.31.  It totals like $470 or something like that.  Eryn tossed out the idea tonight of taking Noah to Disney World.  I've never been and I think he would love it.  I'd also like just being with Eryn and Noah.  Not that I hate my other kids, it's just that Noah is at an age where he will really start appreciating alone time with his mommy and daddy.
But I don't know anything about Disney World, like where to stay or what parks to visit that would be best for a 4 year old.  Time to do some research.  JM


I haven't been posting lately.  I might be done.  Not sure.  I think I'm going to give it one last go for like 30 days and if I see benefit from it, then I'll keep going.  My blog has always been for my benefit, so if it's not benefitting me, then I either have to change purposes or nix it.  We'll see what happens.  JM


I really struggle with trust.  I like to play it off as just one of my characteristics, but it's sin and it's a poor representation of Christ.  What's sad is how trusting God is of me and humanity in general.  He trusted me in the redemption story of the world.  And I continually betray that trust and make him look like a fool.  God forgive me.  Forgive us.  Thank you for trusting.  JM


Forgetting God

It's easy for me to forget God. It doesn't matter if things are going well for me, or if they are going poorly. I have a very independent spirit that tries to do everything myself. So if things are going well, then I kind of coast along and don't seek after God and His wisdom. If things go poorly, I look for solutions and ways to get out and implement them.
Rarely, if ever, do I earnestly seek God and His help in my life.
I think that's what will keep me from being remarkable. That's what will hold me to an ordinary life. When we refuse to seek God and ask for His help, we limit ourselves to our own abilities, and no matter how great they may be, they are nothing compared to God's infinite power. JM