I'm glad I don't have to dress up like priests.  (this isn't a slam on Catholicism).  I'm glad I get to wear like a normal outfit.  Like in the catholic church, the more important you are, the fancier your outfit gets.  It's the same thing in Baptist churches, it's just not a uniform.  I'm sure if I was senior pastor at my church, there would be a lot of pressure on me to dress nicer.
Christians like to look different than the world.  We like to make our differences obvious.  The problem is that even though our externals are different, we're exactly the same underneath.  Broken.  Sinners.  People who need God.  
The only thing that makes me different from the rest of the world is the forgiveness that Jesus GAVE me.  And no matter how good I look on the outside, it's Jesus that is the difference and nothing else.  JM


Ryan Weiss said...

hey josh,
Ive been reading your blog lately. This is some good stuff. Keep it up.

Jeremy said...

I agree wholeheartedly with this post.

They will know we are Christians by our t-shirts...

Liz said...

I like this one. It's like...yeah. Cool!. :D

And I love how you have to mention "No matter how good I look..."