Day 0

My running streak died last night. I was tired, my left ankle hurt, and I just didn't feel like running. But here's where thinking in the terms of streaks helped me, I didn't finally decide that I wasn't running until around 9:30 PM. Without the pressure of a streak, I would have decided around 6 PM last night. Thinking in streaks helps me want to do things that I would typically try to get out of doing. So today will be a new day 1.


Day 4

Today was day 4 of my 5k streak. I'll probably post more about this later, but I'm trying to run at least 5k each day for as many days as I can in a row. Time: 9:15 PM Weather: 51 degrees winds 10 mph Clothing: Shorts; Undershirt, Long sleeve t-shirt, T-shirt, Windbreaker jacket Distance: 3.17mi Pace: 9:48 I was tired tonight and would not have gone if I wasn't focused on building a streak. Running always feels good though and I was glad I went. JM