The News

People love bad news. They love to be shocked by the atrocious behavior of other people. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it helps us feel better about ourselves that we're not that bad. Maybe it's exciting for us to read about. Not sure. What's crazy is that we feed on it. We want to know about it and be shocked by it. I just read a story that shocked me. It made me angry and saddened me for humanity. I posted a link on twitter that linked to my facebook status.
Then someone commented on it and simply said "That's horrible". And it was. I thought about it and realized that I'm propagating the bad news. We like to complain about how all we hear about is bad news. But that's the only kind of link that people pass around. I'm never going to post a link like that again. And I'm not going to click on a link that talks about how horrible something is.
I know those things are happening whether I know about them or not. But I'd rather not know about them. I'd rather be positive. I'd rather have hope. I know that these are dark times and that humanity is evil, but I'd rather focus on the goodness of God and how I can be part of the solution, rather than focusing on how immense the problem is.


Obama And The Media

Obama has been great with mass media. They love him. He's attractive. He usually speaks fairly well. He's smart. He's young. For the past 18 months they have been overly kind to him. But, I think that is starting to change. The incredibly liberal SNL opened up last Saturday night's show with this skit talking about how Obama has not fulfilled his campaign promises. It's really pretty funny.

I think as people start to look more closely at what Obama is actually saying, they'll realize that yes, he's attractive, young and smart, but his proposals aren't really all that great, at least in my opinion. At least the media might start being a little bit more objective.


Frustrations In Parenting

I hate when I get frustrated with my kids. Well, not really. I hate how I choose to respond when i get frustrated with my kids. One thing that I'm constantly trying to develop is my level of patience with them. I hate it when I yell at them. I absolutely hate it. From now on, I'm going to try to work on venting that frustration in appropriate outlets. Yes, I'll still express my frustration to them and they will still be punished, but nobody deserves to be yelled at. Ever. I don't know why people feel that is appropriate just because it's your kids. Strange. JM