Obama And The Media

Obama has been great with mass media. They love him. He's attractive. He usually speaks fairly well. He's smart. He's young. For the past 18 months they have been overly kind to him. But, I think that is starting to change. The incredibly liberal SNL opened up last Saturday night's show with this skit talking about how Obama has not fulfilled his campaign promises. It's really pretty funny.

I think as people start to look more closely at what Obama is actually saying, they'll realize that yes, he's attractive, young and smart, but his proposals aren't really all that great, at least in my opinion. At least the media might start being a little bit more objective.


Jeremy said...

The key word in your last sentence is "might".

Also, two posts in two days!???

Now I suppose I'll have to step up my game.

Josh Mc Alister said...

I know! I've thought about trying to post on here again some. We'll see if it actually happens.
It was just refreshing to me to see popular culture do something that might not be Obama-rific.