I get internet at my house tomorrow. Posting should resume shortly after that momentous event. JM


Stuff You Probably Don't Know About Me

Okay, this one you may know, but I've never really explained how it really makes me feel. I hate being touched. When I say I hate it, I mean it is unbearably uncomfortable for me. There are reasons for it that I won't go into here, but it's like when someone touches me, then I have to touch that same spot to "fix" it or something.
Last night someone touched my arm. I tried for about 10 seconds to not care about it, but then I caved and smoothed out the hair on my arm and it instantly made everything alright. But it's not about the hair, it's about this weird feeling I get. Weird, I know. JM


How Different Would Your Life Be...

If you grew up in this environment?



I think I miss my mom the most when I talk to my dad. It's sad to watch him. He has Parkinson's. He's lonely. He struggles to interact with people. He really needed my mom. JM



I love being outside. Today I was hanging out in the backyard of the house where we are vacationing and just stared up at the pine trees. One day I hope to move back to the south, live on an acre with some huge pine trees and lay around in a hammock.



So I'm on vacation in lovely Peachtree City, GA. It's freezing cold, but it's been awesome to get to see some good friends. Although, it's kind of weird being back. Walking around the church I left, seeing people that I left, and all of that. Makes me miss it. Yet God has confirmed to both my wife and I that we were meant to move on. And it's awesome to hear that they are close to having my replacement. JM


I Miss You

I really do miss you - blogging and the kind readers that visit here. I shall return. I just can't say when. It will be soon. I work well off of deadlines, so let's say this blog will return to having regular posts again on 04.21.08. Posting will remain sporadic until then. Sorry. No internet at home and really busy right now. But I do miss you. JM