Be Realistic

I think that God is a realist.  He had the ideals in place for humanity - selflessness, holiness, patience - but we screwed it up.  He knew that, though, and was always thinking ahead of a way out for us.  Even after we screw up, he wants to protect us and help us.
The other day I was pulling up to a stoplight and passed a turtle who was crossing the road.  I wanted to get out and help the turtle across, but there was somebody behind me.  At the light, though, the guy behind me got out and carried the turtle across to safety in the grass.
I think God kind of looks at us the same way, he wants to see us make it.  To make good decisions and live a holy life, but he knows we're going to screw up.  So he provides a way out.  Salvation.  Redemption.  Love.  JM


Jeremy said...

Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the thoughts you are writing on here.

Also, if you ever pick up a turtle in the road or on a path, move it to the side of the road it was facing. It was trying to get there for some reason (food, water, babies, etc) and will try again if you place it on the side it was coming from... {I learned that in one of our fabulous state parks.)

Josh Mc Alister said...

Thanks Jeremy. Good to know about the turtle. It's so cool to watch them try to make it across. It's like the ultimate underdog story.