Matthew 5:33-42

I hate prideful people. I was talking to a friend tonight and he was telling me something that he heard at passion. He's been dealing with a guy that he has trouble getting along with because of the pride and showiness of this other dude. This speaker at passion was talking about how we should still humble ourselves even when other people are prideful. God will bring the prideful person down and if we are not bent over in humility, we'll get knocked down with them. Kind of makes you think about how we should respond when we have to put up with difficult people. I pray that I'm always able to take the pure and humble way, even thought that's not my typical nature. When my pride gets threatened, especially when it comes to intellect or ministry, I like to boast about what I can achieve. Pretty sad considering God has given me every gift that I have. I don't really consider myself a prideful person, but I'm starting to realize that I'm wrong. JM

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