Bedtime is my favorite time of the day. First I get to lay my daughter down (10 months) in her crib. It's fun because she loves being in there and then she gets extremely excited when I giver her a bottle. It's so much fun to watch her attack it.

Then I get to lay my son down (2.5 years old). First I read him a Bible story, we go over the questions and then pray. And then he reads a book to me. It's usually The Berenstain's B Book. It's great because he looks at the pictures and kind of walks through what he knows it says because I've read it to him at least 50 times. It's just really cute to hear him say the words.
Then I get to lay my wife down. This usually involves a back rub. I really don't like doing it, but it is nice that every night I get to spend time with her even if it's just watching TV together while I rub her back.
Lastly, I get to lay myself down. I almost always fall asleep instantly. Bedtime is awesome. JM

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