Ministry Process - Part II

The other day I talked about how my church is creating a ministry process and my initial thoughts on what it should look like (you can read it here). Basically my equation that I came up with was:
People + Christ = Justification
Justification + Teaching + Encouraging = Transformation = God's desire for the church.
So I started to think about what that might look like in a tangible phrase and I came up with:
Trust God, Follow God, Serve God
Here's how it matches up. To trust God is to have salvation, or justification. Once you have that then you need to follow God, which you do with teaching and encouraging to learn the disciplines of the Christian faith and then live that out in your daily life. Lastly comes serving God where you contribute to helping others trust God.
So if I were to assign programs to them it would be
Trust God - Worship Experience
Follow God - Small Groups
Serve God - Ministry Position
I debated different wordings on all of the phrases:
Trust God - Love God, Know God
Follow God - Love God, Obey God
Serve God - Love God, Live For God, Serve The World
I really like what I came up with, though. We're supposed to talk about it some more tomorrow during staff meeting, so we'll see how that goes. JM

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