It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
I'm from St. Louis, home of the world champion St. Louis Cardinals. Watching the world series was great this year because it wasn't a 4 game sweep like last year, it wasn't a 4 game sweep of the Cardinals like 2 years ago, but they actually won it this year. It's awesome especially since nobody gave them a chance.
Then out comes the news that St. Louis is the most dangerous city in the U.S. You win some, you lose some. The biggest problem in the STL is that very few people actually live there. It's a town of about 350,000, but it has a metro area of 2,800,000. So there is very little money coming in. All of the people that work downtown take their paychecks home with them back to the county.
In St. Louis' defense, it is a very nice city, and I have always felt safe there. There are certainly places I would not go, but the city has more public free entertainment than any other city I've ever been too. It's great, and if you have a chance, you should go for a visit. JM

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