Good To Great

So I spend a lot of time wondering how long I should stay in middle school ministry. I've been in my present position for about 3 years now, and I love it. I love what I get to do, and I get paid to do it, so that works out well.
The problems come when I start to weigh out if I would love something else more. I really feel like God has given me a tremendous amount of ability, but that ability is spread out across many different categories. Some people God gave a tremendous amount of ability in just one or two areas. I feel I have that same amount of ability, just spread out. And therein lies the problem.
If I was great at music and horrible at everything else, then I would be a worship leader. If I was great at speaking, then I would be a teaching pastor. If I was great at student ministry, I would stay there. If I was great at creative arts, I would be a creative arts pastor.
But I'm not any of those things, or at least I'm not great at them. I'm good. I feel like I'm a good teacher, a good student minister, a good worship leader, a good creator, but I'm not great at any of them.
So hopefully I'll have a revelation one day and know for certain what I should be doing. Until then, I'll stay the course and hopefully find success and fulfillment.

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