Philippians 3:6-7, 15-16

The church I work at has been going through a lot of changes recently. It's tough for a lot of people. We've made the building more secure, which means that people can't get into the building whenever they want. We've become more staff led, which means that people feel as though they have lost some control they had over "their" church. We've unified our worship styles, which means that one of the worship styles (traditional) is going away. Some people have had issues with this. They don't understand it. They're going after their preferences. Our job is to lovingly show them that they need to passionately pursue Christ and nothing else. Nothing else matters.
That's easy for me to write right now because I like all of the changes. But there will come a time when I don't. When my preferences are being catered to. And that will be when I see if I really love worshipping God, or if I just love worshipping my way. If I really love serving God or if I just love serving my way. I pray that I will just continue following the Truth that I already have and that everything else (the functionality of it) won't matter.

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