Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

We painted our dining room last night. It's now like this really cool blue on top. We've got new furniture coming. A really nice square table with eight chairs and a nice buffet to put in there. We'll put down a nice rug, hang some curtains and put some stuff on the walls. When we're done the room will look really nice. But it will go out of style. Eventually this table that we bought will wear away. The kids will mess it up. The rug will have stuff spilled on it. New will become normal will become old. If my hope and my excitement are based solely in these types of things, then I'm going to be sorely disappointed every single time.
I don't think that means I need to sit around and just be sad or not try to accomplish anything. I think instead it just means to enjoy what I do and the time that God gives me. Enjoy the pursuit of God.
We're fascinated as a society with the accomplishment, but bored with the intricacies of the pursuit. We don't want to know about all of the work that went into it, we just want the finished product immediately. We don't want to work out in the gym, we want lipo. We don't want to date, we want to be married. We don't want to be pregnant, we want to hold the baby. We don't want to know God here, we want to know Him in heaven. How different would our lives be if instead we just enjoyed the pursuit. If we took the time not waiting for the accomplishment, but instead enjoying each moment that God gives me, not just the glorious ones.
We are slaves to our mortality. We try to hold off the advances of age. We try to place hope in tomorrow. But in reality, our life will always be meaningless outside of the passionate pursuit of God. Pursue Him. Enjoy it.
We painted our dining room last night. And I enjoyed it.

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becky wood said...

Great thoughts, Josh. I always love reading your blog.