Stuff You Probably Don't Know - Part 1

I haven't been posting a lot of personal stuff lately, so I thought I would make up for it by posting some stuff that basically nobody knows about me. In that vein:
I pick my nose. A lot. Each nostril at least once a day. If I'm home, then I'll put the booger in a tissue and throw it away or dump it in the toilet. If I'm in the car, which I usually am when I pick my nose, then I'll break the booger up into little pieces in the passenger side floorboard. If I'm at work, then I'll break the booger up into the trash can. The only variant to this is if the booger comes out snotty, or liquidy. Then I'll either flick it out the window as I'm driving (which is difficult to do because of the stickiness) or I'll wrap it up in a post-it note and throw it in the trash can if I'm at work. So do you pick your nose? JM


eryn said...

i seriously gagged while reading this

Liz said...

This is awful, Josh...I thought I was gonna throw up after reading this.
You are brave to post something like this.
Maybe I'll do a blog post about things nobody knows about me, but I'm pretty blunt already...so we will see.