Telling The News

It's so tough to drop a bomb like announcing your resignation, and I had to do it four times. I told middle school at 9:15, high school at 9:30, our first service at 10:10, and our second service at 11:45. Each one was unique, but I said the same thing to both MS and HS and something different to the services.
The notes of what I told MS and HS I posted yesterday.
Telling MS was tough because I work with these students every week. They took it really well. It was so quiet in the room. I didn't have any problems maintaining my composure (even though I don't ever cry, I thought I might doing this). At the end there were a few questions that mainly dealt with logistics. It was interesting to see their reactions afterward. Two of the 8th grade guys that I know very well just kind of walked right past me. I don't think they were mad or anything, but just didn't know what to say or do. It's weird for them. Heck, it's weird for me. The 8th grade girls spent their small group hour crying about it. It took me a long time to earn their trust, but I finally did about a year ago. They've been awesome this year and are really the best leaders I have. They help plan our events and plan an opening time for the MS girls every Sunday morning.
Telling HS was actually a little bit tougher because of my relationship with the 10th grade guys. They were sitting to my left and I had trouble making eye contact with them. I'm sure it hurt them pretty good. I know it hurt me to tell them. Most of them responded well, but some of them you could tell didn't know what to do. It's just an awkward situation all around. I'm sure I'll probably have to do it again at some point, but I really don't like doing it. JM

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