Student Ministry

Student ministry is not my job. It's not even my career. It's my passion.
I hate it when people think it's only my job. I hate it when people think it's only my career.
I didn't take a new position because I have family around. I didn't take a new position to use it to further my career.
I took it because I feel that it's where God wants me to be. It's a chance for me to expand my passion.
I love students. I think a lot of student ministers have lost that. They love talking about ministry. They love coming up with ideas. They love using trendy words, reading books, and going to conferences. But they've lost their love of students. It just got kind of left behind. That almost happened to me. I'll fight however hard I have to to prevent it from happening to me.
I hear about student minsters leaving churches all the time to go to bigger churches or better opportunities. Sometimes they're not even at their church very long and then they go to a different church in the same town. I wonder if they love their students, or if they just love their career. JM

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