Care Enough To What?

I ran across this church website the other day. While I am certainly not this church's target demographic (judging by the music and the picture), I found their slogans interesting.
The first (by position only, I'm not sure if it's more important than the next one or not) is:
Where Families Fellowship in Fayetteville
I think they were just shooting for alliteration here, but why use the word fellowship? Why is the only emphasis on families fellowshiping? Why not emphasize the spiritual?
The second slogan is:
Small enough to know you
Big enough to grow you
Care enough to show you
I don't get the first two lines (are big churches incapable of knowing me? are small churches incapable of growing me?), but the last one just doesn't make sense to me grammatically. I don't have any idea what they're saying.
This site is not alone in doing a poor job of marketing, and I certainly screw up marketing my ministry everyday, but I really found their site interesting.

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