Teens Church Preferences

Ran across these stats on what teens expect, prefer, and learn from church. Several things are interesting. Like 72% of teens pray, but only 48% attend a worship service, which points to the idea that students are searching for the spiritual. The number one thing students expect from church is to worship or make a connection with God. And the number one preference of teens is a church that teaches how their faith should influence their everyday decisions and lifestyle.
So teens want to commune with the spiritual, but be taught the practical.
The problem is that most youth ministries seem to teach the moral/theological and ignore the spiritual and practical. We tend to ignore how a Christian teenager should live their life.
I would rather talk about what a Christian teenager looks like. How they respond to real life situations - boyfriend dumped you, parents yell at you, best friend betrays you, etc. I think that's what students desire too. JM

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