Acts 4:15-22

A little over a month ago I took a group of middle school students to the Braves game. While I was getting a drink from the concession stand, the guy behind me starts talking to me. "We went to see the 'Walking With The Dinosaurs' thing at Phillips arena yesterday and it was amazing." Then he goes on for about five minutes about it, telling me how amazing it was, how much his kids loved it, etc.
I had heard of it and thought about taking Noah, but didn't feel like it was worth me spending the money. But this guy was so pumped about it. He felt the need to talk to me about it. He probably felt the need to talk to everybody about it. He probably couldn't stop talking about it.
That's the kind of excitement that I see that people have about God in the Bible. They can't not talk about it. But we don't act that way. We are so far removed from the spiritual and from the power that the Holy Spirit gives.
We are so the opposite of how the New Testament church was. Talking about God is not natural for us. It's not exciting for us. And it all probably comes back to the lie that we are self-sufficient. That we have earned all that we have. We refuse to see the miraculous and are mired in the mundane, so we live lives of passionless mediocrity. JM

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