Radiohead's New Album

Radiohead have a new album out called In Rainbows. It's available on their website and will come out on October 10th. You can download it on that date at least and they plan to ship a discbox that has a CD and two 12 inch vinyl albums. If you buy the discbox, then you get the download for free on 10.10.07.
They are trying to prevent their CD from getting leaked like it has the past few times. What's cool about the download is that you pay whatever you want for it. It just has a blank where you can tell them how many pounds and pence you want to pay. It says "it's up to you" and "no really, it's up to you". Awesome idea. I mean, they don't need the money, and they are going to sell crazy amounts. It's just awesome to see independent musicians fighting the system.
I'm going to get the download, I just don't know how much to pay for it. JM

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