Noah Meets A Bully

I know my son is not an angel. But today he was. Noah has had a relapse in his potty training. He's had several pee accidents over the last couple of weeks. I looked it up last night and it said one of the causes could be stress like starting school or dealing with a bully. I asked Noah if he liked school and he said yes. And he didn't seem to hint that anybody was being mean to him. So today I did a little recon on him. I saw him after his class had gone on potty break and didn't notice anything peculiar.
Then I got to see him a little later on while his class and another 3-year old class were on the playground. I was inside and upstairs looking out a big window, so nobody could see me spying. Noah played with some kids, then went over to the swings for a little bit, and then he went and started playing with this tonka truck in some sand.
As he was playing another boy came over and tried to take the toy from Noah. Noah tried to put his body between the other boy and the truck. But the other boy wouldn't let go. I'm upstairs starting to get upset and wondering how Noah is going to respond.
So then Noah picks up the truck to try to get it out of this other boy's hands, but the other boy pulled it away from Noah and started playing with it. I resisted the urge to go down there and take the truck back for my son and instead just watched from my spying perch.
Noah walks over and tells the teacher and she evidently told him to go tell the boy to please give it back. Noah walks over to the boy and says something, but he ignores Noah. Noah walks back over to the teacher and tells her that he still won't give it back. So the teacher walks over and evidently told the boy that when he was done playing with it that he needed to give it to Noah. Noah walked off and started playing on something else.
It was so sad to watch. Noah did what was right, and he didn't get what was rightfully his. Now that's injustice. So Eryn and I talked and decided to get Noah a special treat since we caught him doing what's right. We bought a cake mix and Noah, Ana, and I made a cake tonight, iced it, and then ate a little bit to celebrate a job well done.
I'm so proud of him. I think it's important to make a big deal about when you your kids do what's right. We like to do the opposite and freak out when they screw up. It was so cool to watch him, though. Here's some pictures. JM

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