Acts 1:23 - 26

This has always been one of my favorite passages. People love to talk about how they always know God's will in every aspect of their lives and they make it seem like there is no doubt for them. I don't typically feel that way. Usually it seems like there are a couple good options. Like I could choose any of several options and any of them would be in God's will.
That's what I get out of this. They cast lots to figure out who would replace Judas. Pretty important decision. And they couldn't make it.
I do think that they made a mistake here, though. I mean, where's the leadership? Why not say "Both of these guys are great, but we have to choose one, so it's going to be this one and here's why..." Now that's leadership. Not, "Uh, we can't make up our mind, so let's do it by chance and then nobody can get upset because it's just the luck of the draw..." JM

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