Staff Retreat

I love being able to get away with the rest of our church staff to debate vision, direction, and the overall future of the church. Right now we are struggling through the Simple Church idea by trying to figure out what our core programs would be and ways to eliminate other ones. It's a challenging process for us, especially since we are modeled around the traditional SBC church programming.
We were up in this cabin way up in the North Georgia mountains. It was an awesome view. I got to climb up to the top of our little mountain and look around.
I love being up in the mountains. I can't wait until I get to go camping with my family.
I just hate being away from my family, though. I'd rather see us just do it locally during the day from like 9 - 5 or something like that. That way we get to work through this stuff, hang out a little bit, and we get to spend the night with our families. Less stress on staff with young children. JM

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