Matthew 16:1-4

I think sometimes Jesus really wanted to make people mad. I mean it seems like he never really gave the pharisees and sadducess a chance. Not that they deserved a miracle or anything, but so much of how he interacted with them was inflammatory. I think it was because of their attitudes. Jesus knew that even if he did do a miracle, they would just hate him more. Your attitude is one of the most powerful filters in your life. If you have a negative attitude, then generally no matter how amazing something is, you will still find a way to criticize it. The opposite is true as well. I'm glad that I'm a positive person. This weekend during Crucible I complimented one of the boys for his positive attitude and told him to maintain that as that will serve him well in life. I think positive people are more successful. Who likes negativity? Especially when compared with something uplifting. JM

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