Rough Day

I had a rough day today. My wife hasn't been feeling well for the last couple of days, so this morning she woke up and said that she thought she needed to go to the doctor. In order to accomplish this, that meant I had to stay home from work. Normally, that's just a minor setback, and I can make up the missed work fairly quickly either from home or the next day or so.
The problem was that we had an all day staff meeting today. Most people dread these kinds of things, but I love them. We were supposed to talk about how our church can implement the concepts of simple church. Specifically we were going to discuss our ideas for a disciple making process and what programs fulfill those ideas. I had been looking forward to this meeting from the moment that I heard about it.
But I wasn't able to go. Now don't read me wrong, I wasn't mad at my wife or anything. I was just frustrated at the situation. I miss being able to debate and argue with the rest of the staff. I miss struggling through ideas together and trying to grasp what it is that God has for us. Hopefully my input was missed as well, but I didn't receive a call saying that they couldn't go on without me or anything like that. I guess I'm less important than I'll ever know. JM

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