Matthew 14:15-21

God loves to use people. Even when Jesus was on earth, he still used people. I love how Jesus asks the disciples to feed the 5,000 people. They realize they can't unless they rely on God. With the help of Jesus, they are able to feed all of the people, and they have tons left over. But they personally got to take part in the miracle.
There is a principle in their that we need to adopt more. Jesus could have performed the miracle and never asked the disciples for any help, nor challenged their faith at all by asking them to feed the people. But he did.
It's always easier to do things yourself, but it's not the most productive. I mean, after I die, if I've always done everything by myself and failed to teach anyone, then I'll be missed, but people will have to learn to adapt quickly in my absence. But if I train someone and grow them, then I can take myself out of the equation and the task can still be completed. It takes more time and is way more frustrating, but Jesus definitely saw it as important. I guess he saw his ministry as more enabling because he knew he would be gone soon.
I think one of the things that stops us from having an enabling ministry is that we like to feel needed and important. If we train someone to do what we're doing, then we won't get any of the credit anymore, and we won't have anything to do.
But imagine what you could accomplish if you trained someone to do all of the tasks that you currently do. What could you do for God? Most of us can't even imagine that far, but maybe creating an enabling ministry is how we should all live. JM

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