Home Page Maintenance

One of the tasks that I do at my job is maintain the home page for our church. It was kind of just thrown at me, but I don't mind doing it. A couple of things frustrate me about it, though. First, most of the time I have no idea what events should be posted on the home page. I try to stick with major, church-wide events, but usually since they are church-wide, they don't have an individual champion and don't have more information that I can copy text from or add a link to. So I'm stuck trying to create copy for a brief description of the event.
Second, people throw things at me and expect me to put them on the home page, even if they aren't that important. One time somebody wanted me to announce a meeting on the home page. I didn't do it, but I hate the pressure and expectation.
Third, people hand me things and expect me to create entire pages for them that either they should be creating themselves or should be having their assistant do it. We use Contribute, so it's exceptionally easy to learn. They just don't want to take the time to do it.

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