My wife, Eryn, is probably going to start watching two kids 3 days a week (we'll know for sure tomorrow night). This is in addition to the little girl she will be watching 5 days a week. We talked about it before she accepted the offer to watch the two kids because that meant that she would have to haul around 5 kids if she wanted to go anywhere. Our vehicle will only haul 3 kids.

So there is the problem. The solution? Well, she would be making a lot of money. More than enough to offset the cost of a minivan. So I started researching how much it would be for us to get one. I want to pick up a silver 2004 Honda Odyssey with under 60,000 miles and I want to pay under $19,000 for it.

I guess we'll know soon enough whether or not we need to get the van. But buying it used and asking for at least a 3-month commitment from the kids parents means that we could ditch the car if things didn't work out, and we probably wouldn't be out any serious money.


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