Blogging Church Update

After I finished reading the blogging church I wanted to use their idea of creating a blog for a special event to aid in promotion and publicity. We are about to start a financial giving campaign to build a new community life center at my church. So I talked to one of my bosses about possibly setting up a blog that could be used to communicate during the campaign and during the building and renovation phases. We could post pictures, give updates, communicate vision, and keep people excited about what is happening.
Well this morning my boss told me that they liked the idea and that we're going to do it. Of course, it was thrown to me to set it up, but that's easy. I think it could be really cool. It will have 3 authors, but I'm going to talk to each of them and make sure that each one of them is posting at least once per week and putting a heavy emphasis on photos. I'll post a link once it's up and running. JM

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