Ministry Goals 2007

So my boss wanted us to come up with our goals for our ministry for 2007. So I came up with this list for the middle school ministry:
1. Bring middle school ministry process in line with overall church ministry process.
2. Do no programming simply to do programming.
3. Have over 75 students and over 25 visitors at our Super Bowl Party.
4. Create a time sheet for each work week to budget time better.
5. Improve front-end portion of Crucible.
6. Improve Chrysalis.
7. Have over 75 students attend D-Now.
8. Have over 150 students and over 75 visitors at Mission Impossible.
9. Spend at least 2 hours per week on Uprising opening.
10. If Uprising small group attender misses 3 weeks in a row, they get a card and a call from both their teacher and a peer.
11. Age grade all A-Teams.
12. Have crew teams have a gig at least once per quarter.
13. Have all student ministers read Contemplative Youth Ministry.
14. Have at least 4 middle school student ministers attend at least a portion of the NYWC.
15. Develop a functional outreach program where students will attend consistently and be presented with the gospel.
16. Have my title changed to remove associate and more accurately reflect what I do.
I'll break each of these out for individual posts to explain them in more detail later, but I wanted to get them all down first. JM

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