Men's Ministry

So I've seen several places that mention that the best way to reach families is by reaching men. If you reach the woman you have a 17% chance of reaching her family. If you reach the man you have an 87% chance of reaching the family. That's a pretty significant statistic. I didn't really understand why that would be until New Year's Eve.
My wife and I went to two different parties. When we left the first one she said to me that she wished that we could stay at that party because I get along with those guys better. My wife gets along with everybody. She just likes to be around people. I'm a bit more difficult because I'm not much of a man's man kind of guy. I'm not overly effeminate, but just not your prototypical alpha-male.
So wives are willing to sacrifice so that their husbands are connecting with other males.
I don't think that separating men's ministry out is the way to achieve reaching males. They need to enjoy and appreciate every aspect of the ministry that our church is doing.
I think this even carries down to students. I try to tailor my middle school ministry to what would be appealing to boys. If I have lots of boys, I remain fairly confident that the girls will come, even if it's just to look at all of the boys. JM

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