Matthew 8:1-4

Two things catch my attention here. The first is that when Jesus heals this guy with leprosy he touches him. He certainly didn't have to. I've read where people have said that it was to show compassion to this guy and the impact that physical touch can have. While that might be true, I think it also shows that Jesus is God. He can do things that are supernatural at all times. It makes the miracle even greater. I guess really it's like two simultaneous miracles, the leper is healed and Jesus doesn't contract leprosy.
The other part that is cool is that Jesus wants the man to go through the regular process of restoring himself to society because "this will show the people what I have done." Jesus chose not to buck the system. So many people talk about how he dealt with the pharisees and what a rebel he was. I think that Jesus loved the law, but he hated the pharisees' religious devotion to it as opposed to passionate devotion. Incredible. JM

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