House Hunting

We're planning on moving either in Spring or Summer of 2008. While that's over a year away, my wife and I love to look at houses, so today for our date day, which culminated with seeing High School Musical at the Fox (more on that later), we went out and looked at new homes. We saw some that we definitely loved.
Now I love to save money and live comfortably, but the one area where I am extremely tempted to overspend is on our house. We had been looking and loved a house that started at $260,000 (or $60,000 more than we should spend). We were talking over dessert about what it would take for us to get it and my wife said that she wouldn't want to have to worry about making the house payment.
It's awesome when she says stuff like that. I would want to move in, eat rice, and have no furniture. We would have an amazing house, but we would have to set the heater on 60 degrees. So we decided to go back to our original plan and try to get a more reasonable house that we can actually afford. I love my wife. JM

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