Matthew 5:3

The temptation is always to show off wealth. To spend what you have. Or more than you have. It's yours anyway, why not enjoy it. This verse says that I'll be most happy when I act as if I'm poor. Whether I'm poor in reality or not. That I should live my life as if I have little. Not seeking out having the best things for myself. But instead, just enjoying the life that I have. The truly poor people that I have met are some of the most giving people I know. They know the value of life and enjoying it. They don't judge everything by it's monetary value, but rather by the enjoyment that it brings them. I used to be like that. I'm hoping I can become like that again. To just enjoy the simple things in life. To have control of my finances and live simply. Jesus says it's the path to happiness.
God I pray that you would show me the beautiful happiness that exists when I am poor in spirit. I pray that I would not focus on what I don't have, but rather on enjoying what you have blessed me with.

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