Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder looks hilarious to me. But it's getting some bad press because of degradation of the mentally disabled by using the term retard. It's interesting to hear the different viewpoints on it. I read two today, this one saying it's horrid and should not be shown because of its offensiveness, and this one explaining why they used the word retard. I agree with the second one. Basically he says that it's an R-rated film where hopefully mature audiences will get that it's not an appropriate word to use in a demeaning fashion. Also, he mentions the context in which the word is used
Adults should have the ability to process the jokes employed by "Tropic Thunder" within the context of the film and recognize that the joke doesn't target those with disabilities. It satirically takes aim at actors who exploit roles in which they play disabled characters in order to garner acclaim and win awards. Since children might not be able to make that connection or understand that context, the R-rating serves a strong role
The trailer looks hilarious, though. Can't wait to see it, but that probably means once it's on video. JM

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