So last night we were over at a friends house. My daughter loves to dress up, so she put on an Alabama jersey and some pants. Then she put on these glasses and this little woolen hat. By the end of this process, she looked like an old lady. Here she is modeling her new duds. It's so stinking cute.

Of course, she doesn't always like dressing up. Like today at lunch we were out at Moe's. She was wearing a pretty little pink dress. Then she decided to take off her diaper and lift up her dress to show the world how white her butt was. Hypocrisy. JM


Liz said...

Hahaha. I took that picture!!!!!! FTW.
That was seriously the cutest thing ever.
I thought I was gonna pee my pants.

Ioana said...

Josh, it's hard to say this:)..... but you were right. Ana is the cutest little girl ever!!! I wish I could meet her one day.... oh, well... who knows.

Josh Mc Alister said...

I know. She is so insanely cute. Now imagine her throwing herself on the floor when she doesn't get a juice box. Still cute.

Ioana said...

yeah, I can imagine her doing that. I had to imagine that when acting almost like her when you preached and I translated :). Cute, cute, very cute!!!