So two days ago I'm driving to work with my windows down. There's this wasp that decides to fly into my car while I'm sitting at a stoplight. I shoo it out and it lands on my left side mirror. I'm about to flick it off and hopefully kill it when the light turns green. I start to go and figure the guy will just fly off, but he holds on tight. Like really tight. I'm doing 60 down the highway and the dude is still holding on.
The weird thing is when I saw him trying to hang on, I started feeling sorry for him. I was rooting for him to be okay. I wanted him to make it. To succeed. To live.
30 seconds earlier I was going to kill this wasp, and now I wanted him to move into my house.
Suffering can change your attitude about people. It's tough to watch people suffer. The thing is, EVERYBODY IS SUFFERING. Everyone. They are experiencing pain. They are lonely, or hurt, or sad, or disappointed, or struggling. Whatever it is, they are experiencing some level of suffering.
I think if I saw people like that, then I might really be able to love. To sacrifice my wants for the benefit of others.
Maybe not for you, but I think it might work for me. JM

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Liz said...

I like this one.
Brigid said it was solid...and I agree.

It's something that we are always working through and talking about in High School. We are all broken, whether we want to admit it or not and if we just continue to keep people at arms length then we are keeping God that way too. It's also keeping people from taking the opportunity to love.

Idk if that made any sense, but it made sense to me. haha.
I'm just really passionate about people and love lately and I'm trying not to ignore it.