One of the things that surprises me about God is that he's so kind. He doesn't have to be. He could be mean and still be just and fair and all that. But he's kind.
Many words could describe me, but kind is not one of them. Like I'm not super mean or anything, but I don't like to take time with people and really hear them and be with them. It seems like a waste of time (see, I'm a jerk). But I think kindness is taking the time and enjoying experiences with people. I'm just really bad at it.
I'm going to work on that kind of kindness. Not the whole fake, not funny, I'm holding the door for you and saying bless you kind. That's lame. JM

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Jesstern said...

Hey Josh! Stumbled across your blog from Facebook I think.

Good thoughts here....I could say the same for myself, especially being in ministry since there is never a lack of people wanting to dump their problems on you or wallow in self-pity. But true kindness does take time. God's really been speaking to me a lot about time and how we never seem to have enough of it, which means we need to simplify and streamline our lives to make room for what really matters. It's hard though! And having God chipping away at a cold hard isn't an easy process either. I guess it's a good thing that we are hearing His voice though. It would be worse to walk around unaware of such things. :)