I think you can learn something from every experience you have. Or, better said, I think you SHOULD learn something from every experience you have. A lot of times I'll show up for something and think I know exactly how things are going to go. I prejudge the experience based on what has happened before. Whether it be talking to a certain kind of person, going to an event, speaking for a certain kind of program, I have certain expectations.
Those expectations can rob me of education, though if I don't always look to learn from every experience.
One time I was watching stupid dating show on MTV where a girl goes in and chooses a date based on only seeing 3 prospective daters rooms. The show is nearly the stupidest thing I've ever seen on TV (I saw an episode of that My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad show once, which was way worse). So this girl is in this dude's house and she sees a picture of a hand drawn-ghost with an M on it. The guys are watching her go through the rooms and he explains to the other guys that it's the ghost of mediocrity and how they try to make sure that they always live life to the full instead of settling for mediocrity.
I loved it. Not the show, but that 8 second clip. Hence, the genesis of this blog's name.
Always be looking to learn from every experience you have.

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