We like to make light of our own sin. I'm not really sure why. Perhaps because Jesus already paid the price for it, and all that we have to do now is place our faith in him to have forgiveness of our sin (in the simplest terms at least).
I wonder if we would take it so lightly if we had to sacrifice things according to Levitical law. My sacrifice has already been made, but it's easy for me to forget about it. To forget what it looked like. Smelled like. Felt like.
Here's what they used to have to do according to Leviticus 4:33-35, in case you were wondering:
He must put his hand on the animal's head and kill it as a sin offering in the place where the whole burnt offering is killed. The priest must take some of the blood from the sin offering on his finger and put it on the corners of the altar of burnt offering. He must pour out the rest of the lamb's blood at the bottom of the altar. Then the priest must remove all the lamb's fat in the same way that the lamb's fat is removed from the fellowship offerings. He must burn the pieces on the altar on top of the offerings made by fire for the Lord. In this way the priest will remove that person's sins so he will belong to the Lord, and the Lord will forgive him.

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