Larry Norman

Larry Norman died. I don't know much about him. He's referred to as the father of Christian rock. I've heard some of his songs before, but am largely unfamiliar with his stuff. His funeral sounded incredible though. A party. A celebration of life rather than a culmination of regret. What was cool to read about was how he impacted people. Here's part of what happened at the funeral:
I think many of us expected a bunch of famous musicians giving testimony of the greatness of Larry. Instead, the family gathered a bunch of everyday people who’s lives were touched by Larry. After the musical collage, a man came on stage and said, “Hi, I’m Jerry, Larry’s mailman. For years I have delivered Larry’s mail” — he spoke of Norman’s kindness and love for him.

I wish I took the time to get to know the periphery people of my life. To show kindness and love for the people who I don't have to have a relationship with, but I choose to. JM

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