Settling In

We're starting to get used to being in the hospital now. Eryn is still in a lot of pain from pushing Brooklyn out of her body, but I'm feeling pretty good. Brooklyn just went to spend the night in the nursery. Tomorrow they'll do her surgery, unless we change our mind.
She has a 5 cm ovarian cyst. The pediatric surgeon said that we could either monitor it with weekly ultrasounds and it could spontaneously resolve, or we could do surgery tomorrow. We're going with the surgery. The risks are that she has to be fully sedated, a risk of infection at the incision, and a risk of rupturing something with the probe.
Basically they are going to make a small incision, go in laparoscopically, look around, burst the cyst, and pull out a small section to make sure it's benign. The fluid in the cyst as well as the cyst wall will be absorbed into Brooklyn's body.
If we just followed it without doing the procedure, then the cyst could get twisted and then they would have to remove the cyst, her left ovary, and her left fallopian tube. That seems less desirable, so we're just going to get it over with.
The surgery is supposed to be tomorrow afternoon, but I'll post when it is exactly so that you, dear reader, can pray for my beautiful daughter Brooklyn.

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