Acts 15:30-41

Just because two people are Christians, doesn't mean they have to be best friends. Or hang out. They just have to be friendly. A lot of times we have this thought that we have to be friends with somebody just because they are a Christian too. But that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I wouldn't want to hang out all the time with a home-schooling, cross-stitching, TBN-watching Christian. But I would be nice to them.
It's okay to disagree with other Christians, so long as the relationship is maintained. JM

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Jo said...

Great post, Josh. That whole idea of "let's all be best friends because we're all Christians" has never made sense to me. One time in high school my mom tried to set me up with this older kid and I think she thought I'd be delighted and we'd up married just because we were both Christians. She couldn't understand why I just wasn't that into him. Nice guy, we could definitely have been good friends, but there was no attraction. She's gotten over that, thankfully.

By the way, apparently you and I canNOT be good friends because I have to admit that Jon and I watch TBN on occasion. Mainly because sometimes I'm so appalled I just can't turn it off. So I guess that doesn't count. Good, we're back to being friends. :-)

- Johanna