Acts 13:14-39

We don't like to wait. We're impatient people. We're an impatient society. The drive-thru lane at McDonald's isn't fast enough for us to get our food.
Then we translate this impatience over to our relationships. We don't want to wait. We want to get out of it what we're going to get out of it right then and there. Even if we want to help, we want to do it right then and there. We don't want to have to stick around. We will stay around, but only if it's by our choice, not by necessity.
But the biblical example seems to be to wait for the opportunity to share. To wait until we're asked. And you can't be asked to share if you don't wait around for people to do the asking. You have to wait for the awkward pause. For the tension to mount. For people to desire to have the spiritual conversation. But it's the waiting part that is so hard. JM

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