Acts 10:24-29

Man, people back in Peter's day had a messed up view of the Gospel.  I'm glad that got changed.  Like before Peter went to visit Cornelius, he thought he shouldn't associate with non-Jews.  It was against the Jewish law.  They were seen as unholy or unclean.  But Peter said God told him that he shouldn't call any person unholy or unclean.
Luckily we're way past that now.  The church accepts everyone.  I know as a Baptist that when we see people of other denominations and other religions and homosexuals and the homeless and people who drink that we don't see them as unholy or unclean.  (Paragraph 2 is sarcastic).
How sad is that.  The lesson Peter learned 2000 years ago we have completely forgotten.  How dare I look at someone as unholy or unclean.  I think only God can do that.  JM


Anonymous said...

So you don't think you should look at someones life and determine if they are living a lifestyle that's pleasing to God, and then determine if you want to hang with that type of crowd, or what?

I don't see what's wrong with analyzing someone and knowing their weakness so you can help them in that area, or rather, know what areas they might try to pull ya down at. If that makes sense.

And aren't we all unholy, thus why we need a savior?

Josh Mc Alister said...

No, I don't think we should determine if we want to hang out with someone based on their lifestyle choices. I do think we should determine if we want to let someone influence us based on their lifestyle choices.
I totally agree with your second paragraph, though. Especially noticing the two-way pull of relationships.
And, yes we are all unholy. I hinted at that, though not strongly enough, by saying that only God should be able to call anything unholy.
Thanks for the dialogue.