I'm Dating Jesus

In student ministry you hear about a lot of break-ups that happen because someone has decided to "just date Jesus" for a while.  It always seemed weird to me.  I love this post (which is about that and so much more) by Prodigal Jon.  Here's my favorite lines:

Me: (Nervous and a little sweaty) “Hi, do you want to go to Outback Steakhouse? (At our college that was considered a 5 star date night)
Girl: “Thanks, but right now I’m dating God.”

I love that answer. Basically, it makes me feel as if instead of asking you to have a blooming onion appetizer I have in fact asked you to break up with God. The only thing standing between me and a possible date was the Alpha and Omega, the very creator of the universe was blocking me. No wonder I was sweaty.

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