I've always felt that people, and students especially, love to meet expectations.  If we expect them to be respectful, then they will generally be respectful.  If we expect them to misbehave, then they will generally misbehave.  
Here's a great post from Danielle about the importance of treating people with respect and the human desire to meet expectations.  Interesting read so click through, but here's my favorite part: 
And as we listen to her relay this story to us, we are all stunned --our mouths gaping open in horrified amazement.
"Weren't you scared? " We asked.
"Of course I was."
"Why didn't you just let the cops take him away?"
"Because, if you treat someone like an animal, they are going to act like an animal.
Because, you guys, if you want someone to act respectful, you must first treat them with respect."

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