Censoring Comments

The other day I commented on one of the blogs that I subscribe to. I disagreed with something that the author had said and wanted to give her a different perspective on her subject. The blog moderated comments, though, so I knew it would be a while before my comment showed up. I personally don't moderate comments, but I don't have the traffic that more professional blogs do, and most of the stuff I write about is far from inflammatory, although you might disagree with me on the adorability of my children.
Two days have passed, and my comment has still not appeared. Meanwhile, 4 other comments have been posted all praising the author's genius. If you're going to allow comments on you blog, and I think you should, then let people disagree with you. That's the beauty of blogging. Not only is it an online journal and idea repository, it is a dialogue between you and anybody else who happens to stop by your little corner of the internet. JM

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