Acts 9:10-16

I love reminding God of stuff that he has overlooked. I mean, it's cool that God gives me direction and leads me and all, but He's busy with so much stuff that He sometimes forgets some of the details.
Case in point: I feel like God is calling me to a job that I've accepted in St. Louis. The problem is that God forgot that my wife is pregnant. So we need to get up there now and get situated. God also forgot that I have a house that I need to sell before we're able to get a place of our own up there. God also didn't notice, and why should He, that the housing market is really rough right now with home sales declining along with prices.
What's really crazy, though, is that God hasn't forgotten these things. He's known all about them the whole time. He's working it all out for my good. But my actions don't reflect that fact. Instead, I worry about it. I feel like I need to be doing something rather than just sitting back and letting God sweat the details. He's a lot better at it anyway. JM

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